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Insights into Tonsils and Adenoids

Basically, tonsils and adenoids are part of the immune system and they are similar to the lymph nodes that are found throughout the rest of a person’s body. They are actually the body’s first line of defense as part of a person’s immune system. Tonsils are situated or located in the back of the throat. To explain in brief, the ENT specialist from the best ENT hospital in Gurgaon says that they are two round lumps of tissue that are visible when we open the mouth wide. Coming to adenoids, a person can’t easily see them, but they are found in the upper part of the nasal cavity.


Functions of adenoids and tonsils


Talking about the functions, both adenoids and tonsils work for the same cause which is to trap pathogens, namely bacteria or viruses that enter the nose or the mouth. Adenoids and tonsils contain immune cells, and these immune cells produce antibodies that ultimately kill the pathogens like bacteria or viruses before they spread to the rest of the body.

Adenoids are covered with a layer of mucus and hair-like structures that are known as cilia, and these cilia work to push nasal mucus down the throat and then into the stomach.

Coming to the growth factor of tonsils and adenoids, according to the doctors, they both continue to grow between the age of 3 to 7, and after that, they start shrinking as one reaches to teenage years. There are cases when these tonsils and adenoids even disappear.


What affects adenoids and tonsils?


TWell, there are many factors that affect these immune systems, but there are two most common problems affecting them at large, namely recurrent nose and throat infections and significant enlargement that causes nasal obstruction or breathing, sleeping, and swallowing problems.

Other problems that affect the tonsils and adenoids include abscesses around the tonsils, infections of small pockets within the tonsils producing a foul-smelling white deposit which affects tonsils and make adenoids swollen and sore, and chronic tonsillitis is another affecting the tonsils.

If anyone of you or your children sees or experiences the common symptoms of infected or enlarged tonsils or adenoids, it is recommended by the child specialist in Gurgaon, as well as other doctors to visit the doctor immediately. For more details, you can visit the General hospital Gurgaon Haryana.