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Tips to manage Picky Eaters

One of the most difficult times that parents have to face is the mealtime with their kids. They actually had to suffer a lot and let their patience tested at the dining table by their kids. They literally fight and harp with their little ones to eat certain veggies and foods, and ultimately the kids win the battle. Parents leave no stone unturned to make their kids have nutritious food and prepare special meals with a hope that this time kids will have it. As per the Best NICU care in Gurgaon, feeding roles are generally reversed in most households. The little ones become the in charge of what, when, and where food is served and the parents struggle hard to control the quantity of the food they eat, rather than deciding what they should eat.

According to the Child specialist in Gurgaon, it is important for the parents to set healthy boundaries, in order to grow happy, healthy, and confident eaters. For parents of picky eaters, helping a picky child to get enough of the nutrients and also learn to eat, love, and enjoy different foods, is one of the most challenging tasks. As parents, it is essential to keep the ball in their court and take the liberty to decide what their kids would have in their meal.

A child will learn to eat only when you show and teach them to do so. Some of the effective tips or strategies to make your kids eat healthy food are listed below.


  • Try to Set healthy mealtime boundaries
  • No toys, screens and other distractions at meals, which is an essential point.
  • Mealtime manners are to be followed
  • No special meals…serve little of what is being cooked and allow them to explore, decide and ask for more if desired
  • No in between meals snacking and kitchen closed till next meal time.
  • Try to avoid letting them eat junk food often

These are a few of the tips and strategies that can help the parents to make their kids eat healthy food. The most important thing that the parents can do is be a good role model for your kid. You can begin with drinking water, eating veggies and trying new foods that too with a smile on your face, as children usually adopt the eating habits of their parents, regardless of the fact they are good or bad habits. For more details, visit Mayom hospital.