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How to avoid the onset of infection after Knee Replacement?

Knee Replacement surgery has relieved the pain of many patients. It is a boon for them as they were unable to move and complete their daily routine easily. Yet the possibility of infection is less but if the patient is not careful, the chances may increas

Coronavirus: Symptoms, How It Spread, Preventive Measures

Coronaviruses come from a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to severe diseases

Effect of Junk Food During Pregnancy

Are you always craving for junk foods? Chocolates, pizzas, burgers, sodas, Ice-creams can be very tasty, but they are all very unhygienic, unhealthy and unsafe especially during pregnancy.


The cochlear implant is a procedure to implant a device surgically to provide sound stimulation to someone with hearing loss. The cochlea is the spiral-shaped cavity situated in the inner ear and is the reason why people are able to hear


When you have decided to start planning a pregnancy, routine health checkups is important at this time as a problem that can affect your pregnancy such as diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, etc can be diagnosed and corrected

Tips To Increase Your Child’s Memory

Having a good memory is useful in your child’s development. Good memory skills are helpful for your child to do better in academics and daily tasks well. Every child is not gifted with a sharp memory but in proper guidance, your chi

Over 6 Crore Indians Suffer from Vertigo: Are You One of Them?

To determine that you are dealing or suffering from vertigo-like the over 6 crore Indians, you need to undergo an assessment like.

Do You have One or more of these Symptoms?

Do you ever feel some symptoms that makes you uneasy some times and you could not find what it was and why it was, the symptoms such as Dizziness, Spinning, Loss of balance, Unsteadiness, Recurrent falls, Headache and imbalance, Difficulty in focusing


Cancer is the leading cause of death. The delays in cancer diagnosis may affect the diagnostic patient, primary care, and secondary care. Many times it delays when the patient fails to recognis