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Menieres Disease

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Meniere’s disease is a inner ear disorder that can lead to hearing loss, Ringing ears and Spinning sensation. It usually occur in midage and affects only one ear mostly. According to the research, approximately 45,000 people are diagnosed with Me

Coronavirus Infection and Pregnancy

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As we all know that coronavirus is a deadly infection that spreads rapidly from one person to another person. The active cases are increasing day-by-day, so the tension and stress of the pregnant women. Pregnant women are anxious nowadays, especially thos

How to avoid the onset of infection after Knee Replacement?

Knee Replacement surgery has relieved the pain of many patients. It is a boon for them as they were unable to move and complete their daily routine easily. Yet the possibility of infection is less but if the patient is not careful, the chances may increas

Earwax Blockage: Symptoms and Preventions

When your body produces too much earwax or the existed earwax is pushed too far into your ear canal, this condition causes the earwax blockage that is also called cerumen impaction. Earwax is very helpful to defense your ears. It cleans and protects your

Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as Gastric cancer. It is characterized by the forming of cancer cells in the inner lining of the stomach. The cancer cells grow slowly over the years and turned into a tumor. Stomach cancer is very difficult to diagnose becaus

Eye Infections: Symptoms and Preventive Tips


When the harmful micro-organism such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses can come in contact with any part of the eyeball or surrounding tissues including cornea and conjunctiva, then the eye infection occurs. Nowadays, in big cities, the air is polluted t

Coronavirus: Symptoms, How It Spread, Preventive Measures

Coronaviruses come from a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to severe diseases

Effect of Junk Food During Pregnancy


Are you always craving for junk foods? Chocolates, pizzas, burgers, sodas, Ice-creams can be very tasty, but they are all very unhygienic, unhealthy and unsafe especially during pregnancy.



The cochlear implant is a procedure to implant a device surgically to provide sound stimulation to someone with hearing loss. The cochlea is the spiral-shaped cavity situated in the inner ear and is the reason why people are able to he