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Ambulance Services

Ambulance services are available at Mayom Hospital around the clock and are designed to handle any emergency, whether it be surgical or medical. An ambulance can treat the patient on the spot where the accident or illness occurred and bring all the latest medical technology and expertise right to his door. The patient receives the same care in the ambulance, a Mobile Critical Care Unit while being transported to the hospital as in any well-equipped intensive care unit. Its design is modeled after contemporary high-tech ambulances, and it includes all necessary emergency equipment, such as a two-way communication system.
A doctor and skilled paramedical staff work there. The patient is transferred with the least amount of effort possible using a telescopic stretcher that also functions as a trolley. The car has unique shock absorbers that make the ride comfortable. Additionally, because the unit is air-conditioned, the patient is as comfortable as possible while traveling. The following are a few of the special features offered by the ambulance:

1. Critical Care Mobile Unit : A medical professional with intensive care training will always be present. In addition to the driver, who will help with the patient's transfer, he will have a male nurse and a ward boy helping him with the patient.

2. Ventilator : It's a breathing apparatus. All patients, whether adults or children are given oxygen by it.

3. Defibrillator : This is used to shock a sick heart and restore it to health.

4. Emergency Kit : This is a portable aluminum case that includes all necessary emergency medications, supplies, and infusions (drips). The Mobile Critical Care Team carries it so that immediate emergency care can be provided.

5. System of Two-Way Communication : The system has a wireless component to enable communication between the hospital and the mobile care unit as well as the other way around. This will assist in giving hospital staff information about the patient so that different specialists can be ready to treat the patient.
While the patient is being transported to the hospital, various specialists may be consulted for advice.

HELPLINE For Ambulance Service & Emergency: Please dial 9999469669, 0124-4111880

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