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You can find modern diagnostic tools and laboratories available in the Department of Urology at the Mayom hospital to identify a variety of urinary tract disorders. Depending on your health, you may receive both in-patient and out-patient care. Treatment options for genitourinary conditions like bladder cancer, kidney stones, bladder cancer, blockage, cysts, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and bladder, as well as testicular cancer, and prostate cancer, are available through the department of urology.

Best Urology Treatment in Gurugram

The Department Offers the Most Modern & Rationalized Treatment For All Urological Diseases, Few Of Them Are:

  1. Treatment of Prostatic diseases including surgeries like TURP, Laser prostatectomy, HoLEP, PVP.
  2. Treatment of stone diseases with minimally invasive and laser techniques – URS, PCNL, RIRS
  3. Treatment of Pediatric urological disorders like PUJ obstruction, VUR.
  4. Treatment of Men’s sexual problems and infertility.
  5. Treatment of strictures of the urethra.
  6. Treatment of female urological disorders like Urinary incontinence, prolapsed, vaginal fistulas, etc.
Best Urology Treatment in Gurugram