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How to boost your metabolism?

The metabolic rate of each person is different, so the calorie requirement in a person's body is also slightly different. Many people have a very good metabolism. Men have a higher metabolic rate than women. The metabolic rate declines after the age of 40

Functions of Your Spine

The spinal cord is a stake of nerves that connects your brain with the rest of your body; the spinal cord controls various parts of the body and plays an important role i.e. bladder control. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system.

Effect of Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency is also called hypocalcemia. To avoid the difficult problems caused by calcium deficiency, every person should know about it from time to time. Let’s know what symptoms appear when the calcium level in the body is low.

What is a High Risk Pregnancy?

According to experts at Mayom Hospital Pregnancy hospital in Haryana, the changing lifestyle and increasing pollution is enough to trouble normal pregnancy. This has a negative effect on both the pregnant woman and the unborn child (fetus).

Back Pain

It is important to recognize the symptoms of back pain. Body temperature rises in the event of back pain. Swelling on the back, sharp and painful all the time, worsening of pain from sitting or standing for long periods of time, feeling numb around the ba

Common Neurological Problems in Children

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Specialists pointed out that many teams of doctors worldwide are doing research on the growing neuro-related issues in infants. After birth, the head of the newborn should be checked in a different way to see if there are any wounds or marks.

Exercise During Pregnancy

During regular pregnancy, the mother's mood due to regular exercise is good, the posture is correct, the pain in the back is relieved, the stress is not relaxed and the fatigue is not too much. Exercise during pregnancy also reduces your chances of blood

Vertigo and its Causes

Many people feeling like the room is rotating. It might cause you to feel like you're tilted, rocking, unbalanced, or unsteady. Sometimes, the patient can feel unpleasant sensations while standing up, walking, or moving head around. It can be very irritat

Why is it important to keep your ears dry?

Ear care also includes taking steps to avoid unnecessary noise and devices that make a possible hearing loss. To keep ears clean and healthy, wash the outer part of the ear and behind the ear using rinsed fingers and dry with a thin towel. Don't immerse yo