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Do You have One or more of these Symptoms?

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Do you ever feel some symptoms that makes you uneasy some times and you could not find what it was and why it was, the symptoms such as Dizziness, Spinning, Loss of balance, Unsteadiness, Recurrent falls, Headache and imbalance, Difficulty in focusing during head movement, nausea or vomiting, double vision, and  racing heart-beat. These symptoms can be associated with your ear. Yes! You may be dealing with Vertigo with such symptoms.

Vertigo is often an inner ear problem. Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness that is characterized by the sudden sensation that you are spinning or that the things around you are spinning. The feeling can be all of sudden or it can last for hours or days. This inner ear disorder is caused by a build-up of fluid and changing pressure in the ear.

Depending on the condition causing vertigo, you may experience additional symptoms, such as high temperature, ringing in the ears and hearing loss. Even these symptoms can be present when someone is perfectly the movement of the head or body. It may be barely noticeable, or it may be so severe that you find it difficult to keep your balance and do everyday tasks

ENT specialist in Gurgaon, Dr. Manish Prakash told if you have severe vertigo, and symptoms are constant and last for several days, can make your normal life very difficult. You should visit the best ENT hospital in Gurgaon if you have persistent signs of vertigo or it keeps coming back.

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and can carry out a simple examination to help determine the types of vertigo. Then you would get the best treatment at Mayom hospital.


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