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Does the covid affect your eyes?


COVID is developing many issues that will continue to affect millions of people for the foreseeable future. At this point, one needs to know how the corona affects your eyes or vision. And that isn't the only thing we don't know about the corona and its variants.

According to the experts, Coronavirus (Covid 19) is affecting our eyes along with other parts of the body. Covid 19 is causing redness and swelling in our eyes. Even it is badly affecting the retina of the eyes.

Coronavirus can spread through the eyes, just as it does through the mouth or nose. The virus can enter through the mouth or nose through cough, sneeze, or a corona-infected person. Droplets released when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks can also enter your body through your eyes. You can also get infected by touching something and applying the same hands to the eyes.

Eye Specialist in Gurgaon Haryana explains that the coronavirus is causing redness and swelling in the eyes. If it is on the outer surface of the eye then it can usually be cured with medicines, but if it is going deep inside then it is affecting the retina as well. Due to this, the vision of someone's patient has also been affected.

In this context, many people are wondering if LASIK surgery is safe during COVID 19 pandemic or not. Due to the increased risk of spreading infection through a contact lens, many people opt for LASIK surgery for vision correction.

Many hospital and medical practices have been affected during the COVID 19 pandemic due to several changes in protocols. The ophthalmology procedures are also affected in this pandemic. The specialist from Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon emphasizes that "prevention is always key," no matter how covid plays out. The procedure is safe when it is done by taking proper necessary precautions. At Mayom Hospital, standardized treatment options are available. Here ophthalmologists used painless and noninvasive tests.

Remember that COVID-19's symptoms can be unpredictable, and, like other illnesses, it's important not to self-diagnose. People who experience symptoms are advised to follow the latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), National Centre for Disease Control. If you think that you or someone you know has COVID-19 speak with a medical professional or visit the Best Hospital in Gurgaon Haryana.

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