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Endoscopic Ear Surgery


Endoscopic ear surgery or "EES" is a revolutionary new procedure that uses thin endoscopic, in contrast to the conventional microscope to visualize the middle and inner ear during Ear Surgery.

Conventional Ear surgery for eardrum perforation involves cutting the ear from the backside(postural) or front side (endaural) for exposure.

Endoscopic ear surgery allows the surgeon good exposure and without any cut or switch and truly scarless surgery can be done for eardrum perforation closure and hearing improvement. Recovery times are shorter and quick in daycare and no frequent visits are not needed. No change in Pinna shape is seen as feared by many patients. problems of delayed healing and keloids are also avoided.  

Dr. Manish Prakash, Director Ent & Head Neck Surgery at Mayom Hospital Gurgaon specializes In single-handed surgery and uses special German Panetti surgical instruments along with Storz high-definition video imaging to deliver great results and a pain-free patient experience.





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