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Most Common Problems Affecting the Ears

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The diseases or disorders that affect the ears, all come under the category of ear diseases. Ear diseases can be of many types. Such as:

Otitis media

In otitis media, an infection in the middle part of the ear ie the eardrum. This is often caused by a viral infection in the middle part of the ear. it becomes swollen and it can also cause fluid. Often it occurs in young children. The child feels pain in the ear and also suffers mild fever and irritability.

Ear wax

Ear wax protects the ear. This is very common. But in adults, a large layer of wax becomes the cause of itching and infection in the ear. In such a situation, adults must keep clean their ears.

Swimmer's ear

When the skin, inside the ear, swells due to moisture, for example, sweating in the ears, getting wet in the rain, etc., it is called a swimmer's ear. Infection can cause pain and itching.


A condition where abnormal bone growth occurs around one of the small bones inside the ear, especially around the stapes. Due to this, the stapes bone becomes unable to move. When the stapes do not function properly, the auditory system is unable to function properly. This condition usually causes conductive hearing loss.

Meniere's Disease

A condition an excess of fluid in the inner ear disturb the balance of the ear and increases the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, fluctuating hearing, and a feeling of pressure inside the ear.

Blocked ears

This is usually the result of a build-up of wax inside the eardrum. Wax is produced by small glands inside the ear. But the amount of wax produced in the ear depends on many factors, including diet, age, skin condition, anxiety levels, and the anatomy of the ear canal. As you age, glandular secretions become less oily, and this results in the dryer and harder wax, which gets stuck in the eardrum and clogs your ear.

Pressure differences

Sometimes this happens when the tube attaching the nose to the ear becomes blocked and there is an imbalance of air in the outer part of the eardrum. This condition is experienced by most people when they change altitude levels through activities such as scuba diving, driving in mountainous areas, and flying. Symptoms can often include a tingling sound in the ear, dizziness, pain, and discomfort. There may also be deafness and heaviness in the ears.

Treatment plans

The Best ENT Specialist in Gurgaon doctor Manish Prakash says that Treatment depends on these options, medication, therapy, hearing aids, and surgery. These ear problems can be managed to some extent through medication, diet, stress reduction, exercise programs, and natural remedies.  The surgical option and Hearing aids are often very successful options for people who have severe problems.

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