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Over 6 Crore Indians Suffer from Vertigo: Are You One of Them?

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To determine that you are dealing or suffering from vertigo-like the over 6 crore Indians, you need to undergo an assessment like

  •             I feel unsteady
  •             I lose balance and fall
  •             I feel as if I am falling
  •             I feel as if the room is spinning around me
  •             I get dizzy when I lie down or turn over in bed
  •             I have difficulty in focusing during head movement
  •             I feel as if I am moving when I know I am sitting or standing still
  •             I feel lightheaded, or as if I might faint
  •             I have blurred vision
  •             I have difficulty in concentrating

The ENT specialist in Gurgaon explains that as per a recent study, millions of people worldwide suffer from vertigo. They may confuse by considering vertigo a disease. Rather, it is a disorder occurring from various diseases.’

Here are a variety of treatments that can help in treating vertigo in a patient. The right treatment for vertigo depends on the severity and diagnosis of vertigo ailment. Certain vertigo medicines, physical therapies, Endoscopic ear surgery, and vertigo exercises are used for treating vertigo issues in a patient.

By following certain vertigo treatments, for up to 3 weeks helps in alleviating vertigo symptoms. Talk to the doctor at Best hospital in Gurgaon Haryana; diagnostic tests may also be necessary to find the cause.  If your vertigo, please get assessed by your doctor.  If you have questions about treatments, you are feeling any of these symptoms, please discuss them with your doctor at Mayom hospital.

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