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Tips To Increase Your Child’s Memory


Having a good memory is useful in your child’s development. Good memory skills are helpful for your child to do better in academics and daily tasks well. Every child is not gifted with a sharp memory but in proper guidance, your child can enhance their memory. The simple strategies can help your child improve working memory into everyday life. A good memory is your child's ability to remember things is going to give them a huge advantage for the rest of their life.

Here we are discussing some tips to improvise your child’s memory:

  1. Teaching kid’s ways to visualize thoughts can help improve their memory.
  2. Card games and other fun activities can help build working memory.
  3. Finding ways to connect information can help your child with long-term memory as well as working memory.
  4. Say them out loud so your child can hear them. Walkthrough the house as you discuss the family chores your child needs to complete.
  5. Encourage your child to ask you back about concepts. This will enable an open flow of communication that will lead to better comprehension and problem-solving skills.
  6. Simple daily activities such as drinking water, standing, walking, and doing basic stretches can revitalise your child’s brain.
  7. Do make use of patterns. From learning the alphabet to sorting things into categories, helping your child recognise patterns is another way of boosting their memory.

The child specialist at Mayom Hospital says that sometimes kids who have sharp memory they also find it difficult to remember things because they find the information boring and uninteresting. The doctor suggests that rather than the task which is difficult and tedious memory exercise, it should be approached more as a fun exercise in imagination.

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