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Back Pain


Back pain or lower back pain can occur for many problems with any part of the interconnected network of the spinal cord, muscles, bones, tendons, or discs. This is called back pain. It is very important to know what the cause of back pain is. Also, how can its symptoms be identified?

Why is there back pain?

Common causes of back pain include muscle strain, muscle spasms, and many other reasons. Such work which has to be done sitting in the same position for a long time or in which the hands are more used, they can become the cause of back pain. Lack of metabolic chemicals in the body can cause back pain. Waking up, sitting, walking, TB, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, and not exercising daily are also the reasons for this.

Symptoms of back pain

It is important to recognize the symptoms of back pain. Body temperature rises in the event of back pain. Swelling on the back, sharp and painful all the time, worsening of pain from sitting or standing for long periods of time, feeling numb around the back and hips, and in some cases, pain spreading to the legs and knees.

Ways to prevent back pain

  • Back pain can be avoided by improving physical condition and doing physical exercises.
  • Not to sit in the same position for long periods of time.
  • If it is necessary to sit for too long, then get up in a little while.
  • Do not sit nor get up from the shock.
  • Sit in such a way so that the spine is supported.


The treatment depends on the severity of back pain. Many times you can get an X-ray, CT scan, MRI, discography, facet arthrogram to check its severity in case of pain. MRI gets information about which vein is under pressure and this test report is considered to be most useful.

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