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Defeat The Oral Cancer


Oral cancer or Mouth cancer can occur in any part of the mouth, such as cheeks, jaw, gums, etc. In rough words, mouth cancer affects the area from the face to the throat. Cancer is such a disease, for which medical science has no permanent cure yet and that is why people get scared by the name of this disease.

Although there are many types of cancer, if there is any very common cancer, that is mouth cancer. We have the highest number of oral cancer patients in our country.

If you think that only tobacco eaters get oral cancer, then it is not so. Oral cancer can happen to anyone and the biggest reason for this is the weakening of the immune system.

Be careful if you see these symptoms

At the beginning of oral cancer, common symptoms are seen in the mouth like white blisters on the inside of the cheek, sores in the mouth, and chapped lips for a long time and the wound is not able to heal easily. Cancer begins with a white spot, wound, blister inside the mouth for a long time, then later it becomes oral cancer.

Halitosis, change in voice, hoarseness of voice, some difficulty in swallowing, excess saliva, or coming with blood, are also symptoms of oral cancer.

People who are more at risk

People who smoke or drink are at higher risk of oral cancer. Those people are most at risk, who eat tobacco or things related to it. There is a risk of oral cancer due to the consumption of things like bidi, cigarettes, and alcohol. Apart from this, cancer can also occur due to oral diseases like not cleaning the mouth properly.

Oral cancer treatment options


Doctors start medication for the initial stage of oral cancer. Medicines give relief from oral cancer. The medication stops the growth of cancer in the body so that cancer does not spread to other organs.

Radiation therapy

Sometimes radiation therapy has also been used. This therapy destroys the cancer cells in the body.


Oral cancer is also cured through biopsy surgery. Through this, the cancerous tissue in the body is separated.


In most cases of cancer, doctors adopt chemotherapy only. Chemotherapy efforts are made to eliminate cancer and cure it. It is used in almost every type of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, brain tumor, etc.

General cancer surgery

Cancer surgery is done when the patient does not get relief from any type of treatment. The tumor and its surrounding tissue are surgically removed.

The Best ENT Specialist in Gurgaon Dr. Manish Prakash says it is very important for the doctor to know many things for its treatment, such as - where is the origin of cancer, that is, where is its root, what stage is cancer at now, and lastly what kind of cancer is it.

We reach a decision only after examining all these circumstances. Many other doctors consider the consultation of chemotherapy and radiation therapy appropriate for its treatment. But doctors recommend an operation or surgery to eliminate cancer.

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