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Manage Knee Pain


Knee pain is a common problem with increasing age, but now knee pain can occur in people of any age. There are many reasons for knee pain. Sometimes pain occurs due to an injury in the knee such as a rupture of a ligament or a torn cartilage. Pain in the knees even if there are knee diseases such as arthritis, or gout.

Simple Care and other home remedies can eliminate minor knee pain. In some cases, knee pain patients need more than that. Physical therapy and knee braces also provide relief from pain and in some cases, Knee surgery is the last option to get relief from knee pain.

What is the treatment for knee pain?

Medicine - The help of medicine is taken to relieve knee pain.

Therapy - Therapy strengthens the muscles of the knees, especially the front muscles of the thighs and the hamstring muscles. In some situations, devices such as braces are used to support the knees.

Lubrication – This is a thick fluid that is similar to the natural fluid of the joints. It helps in improving the mobility of the knees and reducing the pain. It is injected into the knees by injection, with just one injection, there is relief in the knees for 6 months to a year.

Corticosteroids – This is a drug that is injected into the knee joint to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and relieve pain within a few months, but there is also the risk of infection.

Surgery - If there is an injury to the knee that requires surgery, then surgery is resorted to and a knee implant is performed.

Prevention Tips for Knee Pain

The following tips can reduce the risk of knee pain to a great extent.

Balance your weight: Excess weight affects the muscles and bones. Due to this reason, there can also be pain in the knees and other joints. So, keep your weight balanced.

Water: Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. Due to this, the toxic substances stored in the body will come out from the body.

Nutritious diet: Eat a nutritious diet, so that the muscles and bones get the necessary calcium, vitamins, and protein.

Comfortable footwear: Always wear comfortable shoes and slippers. Wearing them should feel that there are cushions under the feet. This does not put any extra stress on the knee joints.

Be Active: Along with getting enough rest, it is also important to keep moving. Due to the movement of the body, the bones and muscles can work better.

Knee and joint pain can be a hindrance in your life. The patient should follow a healthy routine and also consume nutritious food. If you feel that your knee pain is becoming serious day by day then you should contact a good orthopedic doctor without delay.

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