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Normal Delivery and Preparation Tips


What is normal delivery?

In a normal delivery, after 9 months due to labor pain, the baby comes out of the mother's uterus through the pelvis and the vagina. There is no surgery in normal delivery except a small incision (cut) is made in the vagina so that the baby can come out easily.

Normal delivery is good for the health of women. Because in a normal delivery, the body recovered within a month and there is no need to do dieting. The gynecologist from Top maternity hospital in Gurugram says if the woman takes her care during pregnancy then there will be no problem in normal delivery. For a healthy delivery in a natural way, it is important to keep some things in mind during the pregnancy period. We are going to tell you about some such tips to make your normal delivery easy.


The most important thing in pregnancy is a good diet. The healthier you eat, the better it will be for you and your baby. Keep in mind that do not overeat during this time, it can increase your weight that will reduce the chances of normal delivery.

Don’t stress

Never take stress and tension during pregnancy. Keep yourself happy no matter how many problems you face. Read books, talk to others, and always think positively.

Stay hydrated

Water is important for everyone, but it becomes even more important during pregnancy. This will give you the strength to tolerate the pain during labor. Not only water but also fresh fruit juices and energy drinks are good in pregnancy.


Exercise is very important during pregnancy. Due to the heavy weight of the body, you may have problems like pain, stiffness in the joints. Exercise like lying inner and outer thigh, plank, squat, pile, curl and lift, Butterfly exercise, etc. But these should be performed under the trainer's supervision. These will make your pelvic muscles and thighs strong, which will reduce the pain in your labor pain.

Breathing exercises

Oxygen will also reach the child with this breathing exercise. You will be able to bear the pain during labor for a longer time. This will help you a lot in normal delivery.


In the last three months of pregnancy, you must get a massage. This will prepare your body for labor. Along with this, you will also get relief in joint and muscle pain during labor.

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